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What offer is there, you ask?

With Europcar you can rent your vehicle for 2-3-4 days starting at e.g. 20€ per day! Book your rental car now, benefit from an unbeatable price and enjoy the best days of the week on the road!

But where should you travel to, you ask? Here are a few ideas:


How about a trip to Salzburg...

The city of Mozart with many sights ranging from the Hohensalzburg fortress to the Stiegl Brauwelt and the numerous breath-taking mountains and lakes, is very popular amongst tourists. One thing that should definitely not be missed out on, when visiting this beautiful city though is the original handmade Mozartkugel chocolate! Make sure to try one or two or ten when you visit Salzburg with Europcar!


...or a journey to Kitzbühel...

Apart from all the ski related sights, Kitzbühel also impresses with a museum dedicated to displaying the history of the city and the Schwarzsee lake, which is located only 2 km outside of the city and which offers an amazing opportunity to take wonderful pictures! Take our rental cars for a spin over there, will you. They would like the chance to take in the amazing sight too.

On a side-note though: did you know that the lake is rumored to have impressive healing powers?


...maybe a tour through Innsbruck?

The provincial capital of Tyrol could not be more versatile. Beautiful alpine landscapes and fascinating architecture clash together in this city! The outcome? Mesmerizing sceneries for the perfect Instagram picture.

Motives like the Nordkette, the Innsbruck Altstadt and the colourful rows of houses in the Mariahilf district offer amazing possibilities for magnificent pictures.


So, what are you waiting for! Use our weekend special now and discover Austria with a rental car from Europcar!

MOVE on your weekends – with Europcar Austria

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  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • 24/7 service in most major airports

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