Rent an electric car easily and cheaply


Electric cars with Europcar

Drive environmentally conscious and save time and money - rent your electric car easily and quickly. Our fleet of rental cars includes some of the latest and most comfortable electric car models. With us, you will find an extensive selection of vehicle models ranging from hybrid vehicles to plug-in hybrids and purely electrically powered vehicles. This variety applies to all current models. Whether you are interested in an environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle or a fully electric car - we have the right model for your needs.
And if you do need to recharge during the rental period, we have taken precautions: each of our electric cars is equipped with at least one charging cable, so you can easily recharge at home and on the road.
When you return your rented electric vehicle, the battery must be charged to at least 80%.

Adapted for the future

For all those who are already thinking about 2050 today

At Europcar, we integrated electric vehicles into our rental car offer as early as 2013. Since then, we have continuously adapted and expanded our range to meet the requirements and mobility needs of our customers. Today, we offer a wide selection of models ranging from hybrid vehicles to plug-in hybrids and purely electrically powered vehicles. And this applies to all current models.
With Europcar, you even have the option of renting electric cars in Austria and in over 140 other countries worldwide.

Numerous electrical benefits

Discover sustainable mobility and a modern electric fleet

Take advantage of the many benefits of electric cars now, and don't miss out. Discover the latest electric cars in our fleet and become part of the new electric zeitgeist. Enjoy sustainable mobility with uncomplicated driving fun - rent easily, quickly and cheaply with Europcar.

Electric Cars Go Further

Than You Might Think
The latest battery technology means
an autonomy of up to 400km on a single charge.

Electric Vehicles are Better

for the Environment
CO2 emitted through manufacturer and electricity generation
is much lower than through petrol or diesel exhausts.