Which size of vans to rent with Europcar ?

European leader in car rental, Europcar also offers vans to rent of various sizes, through a solid network of 856 agencies located in Europe and in Australia. From long trips to large loads, van rental with Europcar helps you get the job done.
We have makes and models that range from small parcel vans, to comfortable minibuses, powerfull 4x4 or spacious big box vans for moving house, and we indicate the load capacity of our vans in cubic metres.

Small vans

Small vans with a 3m³ to 6m³ load capacity

These small and compact vans are a popular choice of rental van for city use due to their compact dimensions and ease to drive and park. You can sit a driver and one passenger. This size of small van is ideal for one or two kitchen appliances (such as a washing machine, fridge, cooker) or some small pieces of furniture like dining table chairs or chests of drawers. Alternatively, you could probably fit 8-12 cardboard removal boxes, depending on their size.

Medium vans

Medium vans with a 8m³ to 12m³ load capacity

Vans up from 8 to 12 load capacity are ideal size for delivery rounds, tradesmen and many other purposes. These versatile and fuel-efficient types of vans come with a range of features and equipment to guarantee safety and comfort for the driver: most of the models include on-board computer, height-adjustable seats and steering wheel or cruise control. These medium vans have also more headroom, usually a minimum of 1.4m, or more for a high roof model, meaning you can transport some higher items that can be stood upright. Alternatively, you should be able to fit several dozen removal boxes if properly stacked, which is enough if you are moving a studio or small flat.

Large vans

Large vans from 14m³ load capacity to small truck up to 20m³

Moving to a new house? Moving your small shop to bigger premises? Need a big utility vehicle capable of transporting all your furniture and boxes? Our large, 14m³ van has ample carrying capacity – enough to move while keeping costs to a minimum.
Cabs seat three and are designed for comfort and convenience, the bulkhead is full size and the rear will be fitted with load-lashing points for safe transportation of the load. Large vans are just the ticket for small house moves or transporting a large object, such as a grand piano, large rugs or pieces of furniture and a very large number of boxes.
A normal car driving licence is enough to drive this category of utility vehicle.

Van rental solutions for businesses

Are you a tradesman or do you need to use a van or a small truck for your commercial activities ? Discover Europcar van rental plans for short or longer term with van or car rental solutions dedicated to businesses
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