Off to the next adventure

Space and comfort for all

The next adventure is calling! Whether it's a vacation with the family, a road trip with friend:in or another exciting journey, Europcar offers you the perfect mobility solution.
Our minibuses not only offer the highest level of comfort and modern equipment with space for up to 9 people, but also the flexibility you need. Whether you want to change your itinerary spontaneously or visit different places, our minibuses will allow you to customize your trip according to your wishes.
Rent your minibus with Europcar and enjoy the freedom to live your next adventure to the fullest. Make the dream of an unforgettable and enjoyable van trip with all your loved ones come true and discover the versatility of a flexible mobility solution.

Freedom without borders

Flexible travel

If you're planning a short trip to the Austrian Alps, a week by the sea, or even a month across Europe, Europcar offers flexible minivan deals that allow you to make the most of your trip. Take advantage of Austria-wide and even worldwide vacation and weekend deals for your next road trip and save money in the process. Enjoy the freedom to customize your trip to your liking and discover new adventures without limits.

Opportunities for young drivers

Affordable minibuses from 18 years

Young drivers often have bad cards when it comes to renting a car. At Europcar, however, you can rent a minibus from the age of 18, provided you have held your driver's license for one year. So nothing stands in the way of your next road trip!

Safe & Comfortable

All-wheel drive, automatic or manual

Our minibuses with all-wheel drive ensure more safety on your trip! You are planning a trip to the Alps, expect bad weather conditions or even snow?
Especially in mountains and steep slopes, the all-wheel drive ensures greater driving stability. Our minibuses are also available with automatic and manual gear shift. Book your minibus with Europcar depending on your needs and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.
We also offer 24-hour roadside assistance: so you can fully enjoy your next trip without worries.

Our fleet

Minibuses on offer

For example, the VW T6, the popular "King of the Road", which has proven itself for years as the perfect minibus for road trips or a VW Multivan, which combines luxury and comfort - at Europcar there is a suitable vehicle for every need. Our minibuses offer the most modern equipment as well as space and comfort for all passengers.
In our fleet you will find the right minibus, from 5 to 9 seats, from medium to luxury class. Even upper mid-size models with 7 seats are perfect for a trip with the family. And in the middle class we would have, for example, VW Passat Variant: these are equipped with, among other things, automatic gearshift, automatic climate control and driving assistant and offer space for up to 5 people and plenty of luggage. For large groups Volkswagen T6 station wagon with and without all-wheel drive, short or long wheelbase with space for 9 people are bookable.
Road trip, weekend excursion or just pack everything up and go! With our minibuses you have the perfect travel companion.
With the VW Multivan, you have the perfect minibus for your ventures - ideal for your need for spaciousness.
Our Variant or Kombi models offer more than enough space for 5 people. Travel in comfort and convenience.
For large groups or entire families - book the VW T6 for 9 people; as an all-wheel drive but also as a short or long version. Just as you need it.