The Europcar Protection Packages

Because we want your trip to be worry-free.

With the EUROPCAR AUSTRIA PROTECTION PACKAGES, you will enjoy additional passenger protection and protection to avoid costs caused by damage to the rental vehicle as coverage in addition to the statutory liability insurance.



Reduced liability

Limits or excludes your liability for damage to the vehicle.

Theft protection

Limits or excludes your liability for theft or damage connected with the theft (or the attempted theft) of the vehicle.

Passenger accident protection (PAI)

Every person in the vehicle is insured. Daily allowance for hospitalisations due to accidents and reimbursement of rescue costs.

Additional protection for wheels, glas, windscreen & lights

With the premium protection package you can avoid costs caused by damage to wheels, glas, the windscreen and lights.

The personal accident protection

applies regardless of whether you or someone else is at fault for the accident with injury to persons. Not only are you covered while driving, but you are also insured during loading and unloading and entering and leaving the vehicle.


Insurance benefits for permanent disability are up to EUR 50,870, and death benefits are EUR 21,801.


There is a EUR 73 daily benefit for the duration of any hospitalisation caused by an accident, if the insured person was using a seatbelt. 30-day maximum.


Porsche Insurance will pick you up from any foreign country in Europe and return you to your residence in Austria without additional cost. You will receive up to EUR 3,634 per insured event for the return transportation of persons involved in an accident for all passengers.


The so-called "seat system" offers the same agreed-upon insured amount for every seat in the vehicle.


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